1. EZ-Vision DNA Dye as Loading Buffer
EZ-Vision DNA染液 + 6x上样缓冲液(混合在一个管里)
用量:6X , 即1ul EZ-Vision + 5ul DNA样品
品名及描述 级别 货号 包装 价格(元)
EZ Vision One DNA Dye as Loading Buffer
EZ Vision DNA染料上样缓冲液 (含1条指示带)
amresco N472-Q
amresco N472
amresco N472
5x 1ml
EZ Vision Two DNA Dye as Loading Buffer
EZ Vision DNA染料上样缓冲液 (含2条指示带)
指示带近似位置为:400bp, 4000
生物技术级 amresco N650 5x 1ml 1625
EZ Vision Three DNA Dye as Loading Buffer
EZ Vision DNA染料上样缓冲液 (含3条指示带)
指示带近似位置为:10bp, 400bp, 4000bp
amresco N313
amresco N313
5x 1ml
EZ Vision Sample Kit EZ Vision DNA套装
含N472-1ml, N313-1ml
生物技术级 amresco N473-2管 1套 755
EZ Vision Sample Kit EZ Vision DNA套装
含N472-1ml, N650-1ml, N473-1ml
生物技术级 amresco N473-3管 1套 1026
2. EZ-Vision In-Gel Solution, 10,000 x
EZ-Vision 染液, 10,000 x (加在胶内,与EB用法一样)
与EB 用法一样,溶胶时加在胶内,稀释比例为1:10000。
品名及描述 级别 货号 包装 价格(元)
EZ Vision In-Gel Solution, 10000 x
EZ Vision 染液, 10000 x
生物技术级 amresco N391-0.5ml 0.5ml 1132

EZ-Vision, DNA Dye as Loading Buffer, 6X

EZ-Vision is a non-mutagenic fluorescent reagent that produces instant visualization of DNA bands upon UV illumination of agarose gels. EZ-Vision is non-mutagenic and non-toxic with no hazardous shipping, handling or disposal costs. Supplied in AMRESCO’s 6X DNA Loading Buffer, EZ-Vision forms a tight complex with the sample DNA and co-migrates with it during electrophoresis. Post-run staining and destaining is completely eliminated and results can be visualized immediately after the run by placing the gel on a standard UV transilluminator. It is ideal for applications needing rapid DNA band visualization and for environments requiring a safe, non-hazardous alternative to Ethidium Bromide.

EZ-Vision is available in 3 versions that differ only by the tracking dyes included in the loading buffer. EZ-Vision Three contains 3 tracking dyes that migrate at 4,000 bp, 400 bp, and 10 bp. EZ-Vision Two contains 2 tracking dyes that migrate at 4,000 bp and 400 bp. EZ-Vision One contains only a single fast-running tracking dye that migrates at approximately 10 bp in a 1% agarose gel.

Available with 3 different tracking dye options!

EZ-Vision Gels EZ-Vision One, Two and Three. Left image: 1% TAE agarose gel showing the fluorescence of AMRESCO’s 1kb Ladder (K180-250μl) stained with EZVision One (lane 1), EZ-Vision Two (lane 2) and EZ-Vision Three (lane3) captured with Syngene GBox-HR Gel Doc System using SP filter selection. Right image: Digital camera photograph of the same gel as left image, showing the colors and migration position of the one fast migrating tracking dye of EZ-Vision One (lane 1), the two tracking dyes of EZ-Vision Two (lane2), and the three tracking dyes of EZ-Vision Three (lane 3).

EZ-Vision sensitivity compared to Ethidium Bromide

DNA MW Marker, 1KB Ladder was mixed with EZ-Vision Two, DNA Dye as Loading Buffer, 6X or a loading buffer containing 0.5 μg/mL ethidium bromide. After electrophoresis, the gel was visualized on a standard UV illuminator.

EZ-Vision Environmental Toxicity Testing

EZ-Vision Environmental Hazard Testing EZ-Vision environmental hazard testing was determined by the CCR Title 22 Fathead Minnow Hazardous Waste Screen Bioassay. Both EZ-Vision Two and EZ-Vision? Three were determined non-hazardous with LC50 > 750 mg/l.

Relative migration of prestained samples of dsDNA in 1% agarose gel

EZ-Vision does not retard DNA migration in agarose gels
The data shows that EZ-Vision has much less effect on DNA migration than Ethidium Bromide or Competitor 2 Green Dye. Samples stained with EZ-Vision are not impeded and migrate similar to dsDNA that is stained post electrophoresis.

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